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Joining GVER is for free. The only time you have to pay is when you are receiving an item given to you – you have to shoulder the delivery and service fees.

If your item is damaged, but is still usable, you can still give it away. To avoid misunderstanding or dissatisfaction, just make sure that you provide details of the condition, so that the receiver knows what to expect.

If you can’t find the category of the item you want to give away, you may create one.

There is no minimum value for items to be given on the system, but we encourage everybody to upload items that are of higher value compared to local delivery charges, so that it will be worthwhile for the person on the receiving end.

If you can’t find the category of the item you want to give away, you may create one.

Unfortunately, high value items like jewelry, are not allowed in the system as these will not be accepted for courier delivery. You can give other types of items, as long as the courier will accept them.

Items that are prohibited for courier/freight delivery are not allowed in the system. For a comprehensive list of items, please refer to

Definitely. As a company, you can give-away office items you may want to replace. These will be useful for so many people. If you wish, you can also give products away.

You can choose to give your item via “Instant Give” (first-come-first-served basis) or you can opt to choose to whom to give your item to - “Request Give.”

On “Request Give” setting, you will be receiving individual requests from people who wish to receive your item. See which message feels right. We also advise you to check out the GVER profile of each person and see their GVER stats (gives, takes, rating) to gauge if you would like to give to that particular person. Ultimately, it’s your choice.

We don’t have a take back policy, so please be sure that you want to give the item away once you post it in the system.

Items with no takers will be removed from the system after 60 days. You may repost the same item in the future to try and see if somebody might request it then.