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To give well, it’s always great to put yourself in the receiver’s shoes. Give well so you can also receive well.

Be generous. Remember, the stuff that is just gathering dust in your closet, could be very helpful to somebody else. So, give, and keep on giving.

Give good stuff. Whatever it is you are giving, make sure that it will still be useful for others. Don’t give stuff that is meant to be disposed of, or is inappropriate, prohibited, offensive or may cause harm.

Send a good package and ensure timely collection. Do make sure that your item is in its best condition – clean, packed nicely and ready for collection once you post it.

Provide correct details and good photos. Post correct details and take the time to provide specific item conditions – whether it’s perfect, good as new, has a bit of a fault, or has minor or major flaws. To avoid misunderstanding and disappointment, make sure that the receiver understands what they are getting. Help us with shipping details, as well. This allows our system to calculate the right delivery costs for the receiver to shoulder.

Choose the right receiver and give away. Deciding who to give your item to? Profile information and GVER stats can help you make that decision – especially when you are giving away something of great value. Once you have chosen, approve and give your pre-loved stuff without hesitation. Remember, what you give, you can’t take back.


It’s not all just about acquiring stuff, it is also about graciously receiving somebody else’s once loved stuff

Give first before you take. Before you request any item from GVER, your first act should be to give some of your pre-loved stuff away.

Request nicely and earnestly. When you’ve found an item you like, send a nice note to the GVER. If you have any specific reasons for wanting the item, share that, too. Be patient and wait for the GVERs decision. If you get chosen, be thankful. If not, don’t fret. There are other items and other GVERs.

Ask only for what you need. There are lots of items in the GVER universe, but just take what you really need. GVER items are not meant for re-sale. Remember, don’t take what you don’t need because somebody else might really need it.

Don’t change your mind. Once you have requested for an item and the GVER has agreed to give it to you, you can’t change your mind anymore and return it. So, be certain when you ask.

Pay for your delivery. The item is for free. But you have to shoulder the minimal delivery and handling charges.

Acknowledge when you receive the item. Do confirm once you have received your requested item. Send the GVER a note of thanks. Don’t forget to rate the GVER, too!

Receive and give again. Keep the circle going!