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“Houston, we have a problem.”

Each year, billions worth of useful stuff end up in landfills; while billions more are gathering dust, lying in homes around the world. This issue is so gargantuan the United Nations considers it an urgent problem that poses risks to the environment and human health. Here in the UAE, where product consumption is very high, the problem is all too familiar.

What’s ironic is that in the midst of all this wastage, people are finding it harder and harder to afford things. On the one hand, we have so much that we waste, and on the other, we have less and less money to afford what we need, let alone what we want.

Think you’re part of the problem? Just look around your home and see what’s cluttering your space. Too many pairs of shoes or old clothes? Books and CDs you will never use again? Gadgets that you’ve grown tired of? Excess furniture that doesn’t fit your lifestyle?

So now what?

There are a variety of ways to get rid of stuff. You can sell and turn what might otherwise end up as garbage into cash, or you can give it away to people who might need them or even donate to charity.

But if you don’t feel comfortable selling and negotiating in the open market, or meeting up with strangers for the pick-up of items, and prefer to give your once favorite things to people of your choice, there’s a platform where you can give easily, conveniently and safely. 

Hello, Gver – Your Friendly Marketplace for Sharing

Get stuff for free. Just pay for delivery. Give away what you don’t need.

Gver is on a mission to provide the world an alternative to consumption that allows people to afford more and waste less, by harnessing freely available resources and removing the hassles of dealing in the secondhand markets. Gver is a commercial startup with a heart for social impact. The goal is to grow a sustainable company built on facilitating sharing and making the exchange and reuse of goods an alternative to traditional and often wasteful shopping.

Gver’s success will be built on making sharing a regular, habitual, mainstream activity. And why not? Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we had the option of asking for anything for free before we have to spend money on shopping?

How can you participate in the cycle of sharing?

Gver’s system is simple. Declutter and identify what you want to give away. Take photos and upload them to Gver’s marketplace. Once you receive a request, you then have the option to approve or decline. You can choose who you want to give your item to. As soon as you approve, Team Gver arranges and coordinates the pick-up of the item from you to the requester. The requester pays for the delivery.

Need anything? Explore available freebies and make a request. Once you get approved, all you have to do is wait for the delivery and pay for the courier charge.

It’s that easy. You don’t need to negotiate, meet up with strangers, or arrange for pick-up or transport. Check-out this explainer video on how Gver works.

When you participate with Gver, you not only practice sharing, while saving money with the rest of the community. You also become part of the eco-friendly movement that fosters re-use and prevents wastage of goods, promoting a more mindful way to live.

It’s good for the wallet, good for the heart, and good for the planet.

People and companies come together in the spirit of sharing

Even companies can play a massive role in the cycle of sharing. Old equipment, furniture, and surplus supplies can be given away, instead of ending up in garbage dumps. Moreso, companies can foster the spirit of sharing and mindfulness as part of an ongoing CSR initiative where the whole team can participate. Register a group account for the company and designate days when people can bring in their “gives” and manage the give-away of items, as a team. The practice of giving becomes more effective and compelling when shared and enjoyed together.

Kindness is the new cool

It doesn’t take much to do something good – or to make somebody smile. And if you can do all that while clearing up your clutter at home, in your own little way addressing one of the world’s most pressing issues, wouldn’t that be awesome?

All of us can take part in moving this world positively, and that can start with a small, mindful act.

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