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Give for a better world

Give and Take for a Better World

On Giving and Taking

How to give well and take well, for a better world. GVER stories and more.

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G'ver - Give for a better world

To give well, it’s always great to put yourself in the receiver’s shoes. Give well so you can also receive well. Be generous. Remember, the stuff that is just gathering dust in your closet, could be very helpful to somebody else. So, give, and keep on giving.

We believe that generosity is innate in people. We believe that it’s cool to be kind. We believe that one can give without asking for anything in return. But we also believe that there is no shame, and everything to gain from asking for what you need..

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G'ver - Give for a better world

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G'ver - Give for a better world

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GVER - Give for a better world

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GVER - Give for a better world

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